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The African Heritage Festivals 2023-2024

The African Heritage Festivals Project's ambition is to capture-oral-histories and memories of these celebrations-and-festivals before they disappear due-to-rapid development-of-technology and other-factors. Our projects represents the true feelings, experiences, hopes and dreams of Africans in diaspora now. The projects focuses on recording, sharing  memories, experiences and opinions of refugees, asylum seekers and others locally. This living history of everyone's unique life experiences will give an opportunity for those people who have been 'hidden from history' to have their voice heard. These projects gives African refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants a rare chance to showcase their rich culture, talk about and record history face-to-face as well as opening a source of new insights and perspectives that may challenge our view of the past and present. Large numbers of asylum seekers are in a state of destitution. Many Africans are excluded from participating in sharing heritage, culture and festivals events.

The African Heritage Festivals Launch


Alderwood Care Home

The Snug

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Slave Museum Visit, Liverpool

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