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Covid-Digital Participation

Most of us take for granted how much we use technology, and how easily we can access vital information, communicate, shop, and even fill out a form online. These activities are new to the African BME older people we are supporting, so we spent time showing them to use smart phones and tablets to broaden their horizons. When the pandemic hit, we saw a dramatic swing towards online shopping and social networking – with a particular focus on Zoom – as our key areas of activity. With members having to self-isolate, our organisation shifted towards creating YouTube tutorials on buying food online and guides on using Zoom.

Our project is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. This project's overall aim is to encourage and support the African BME people and volunteers in Leigh to become digital champions, supporting their communities to become more digitally included. 


Key Highlights

  • The project will reduce isolation and depression within BME older and younger people as they will be working together.

  • Our workshops will bring people together to form friendship bonds.

  • Having varied skill levels and wanting a more personalised experience our 1-2-1 services are more effective than class learning activity.

  • 1-2-1 support via WhatsApp, phone calls and zoom allows us to maintain regular contact with everyone.

  • People will hopefully report improved mental health and increased confidence levels.

  • This project is aimed at providing African BME people, particularly those in isolation, the vital skills they need to stay connected online in this crisis.



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